........... an inexact continuum of deconstructed simulation

tap the robotíc armlikely storyrandomizationhistoric sequencing

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The Devil’s Web: Who Is Stalking Your Children for Satan?Pat Pulling (with Kathy Cawthon), 1989.

thecraftychemist :

combustion au lithium

Thanks to http://didiernietzsche.tumblr.com/
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Baby Predator.

[JENNY HOLZER - LUSTMORD // ink on skin, cibachrome print (1993-1994)]
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"Kfrizin" (1947), illustration by Perez Weinreich, describes the Cyprus detention camps used during the years 1946-1949 for the incarceration of illegal immigrants coming to Eretz Israel.  he.wikipedia.org
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a personal all-time favorite use of meme format.
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From the South Park episode Trapped in the Closet, available for viewing on the South Park Studios website, here.

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